Surabaya MRT Concept Plan

Location: Surabaya, Indonesia

Date: 2014-2015

Project Team/Credits: City Form Lab Project Team: Onur Ekmekci, Andres Sevtsuk, Martin Scoppa, Hansen Partnership: Gerhana Waty, Craig Czairny


The City Form Lab has been invited by the World Bank and the City of Surabaya to produce a concept plan for the districts surrounding the future MRT line in downtown Surabaya, Indonesia. I was a project manager in this project, and was part of a team that have produced a development framework for the north-south corridor through the city centre outlining a series of design, planning and policy initiatives that aim to turn the corridor into a transit oriented and pedestrian centric district that will serve the long-term needs of the city. The work was done in a collaboration with Hansen Partnership from Melbourne, Australia.


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