Implementation of the new comprehensive plan of Stockholm: From Skarpnäck and Out

Institution: KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Date: Fall 2010

Project Team/Credits: Onur Ekmekci, Emre Aydilek, Ida-Maria Classon,  Yaël Bratel, Nazanin Mehrin, Sahel Rezae


Skarpnäcks gård is a district (Swedish: stadsdel) in Skarpnäck in southern part of Stockholm Municipality, Sweden. As of December 31, 2007, Skarpnäcks Gård has 10,348 inhabitants. The district was formed in 1963. The project investigated the possibilities of implementing the main ideas of the new comprehensive development plan of Stockholm City from 2010. One of the main strategies of the plan is to connect separated urban areas, to increase urbanity, interaction and proximity, by adding new links and connections between today isolated urban districts. By adding new functions and uses of land in the "urban archipelago" that was the result of the previous planning concept, based on neighborhood units and cul-de-sac street patterns, the idea is to create better conditions for services, work, integrated functions and higher proximity and thus develop the suburban areas in the direction towards a more mixed use city, with some of the qualities of inner city as model.  Following these guidelines, the project focuses on the strip between Ältasjön and Tyresövägen which is going to be filled with new parks and houses . This project will be the link between Skarpnäck and Nacka and will give the Skarpnäck inhabitants a new green area to use and in addition, establishing a better connection to the water. The project is not only focusing on housing but also changing structures that already exists. The rehab centre that is located in the northeast part of Skarpnäck today is move further up north to give space to a new centre. The manor Skarpnäck gård from the 1600’s will be transformed into a high school, where the students could benefit from the many natural structure near by like the community garden, allotments and green and blue assets.  Further Skarpnäck city park will be developed, while keeping the structures of today, like the park playground, but also adding new features like a fruit garden and an organic sculpture park. New pathways will also be built to really make the new Skarpnäck well connected and the infrastructure will make it possible to add more public transports to the new area.


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