Luleå Harbour City: Living on the Edge

Institution:  KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

Location: Lulea, Sweden

Date: Spring 2011

Project Team/Credits: Onur Ekmekci, Laura Chiapedi, Hanna Furstenberg Danielson, Carolina Cu


After having looked into Luleå’s policies,housing development and energy use the decision was taken to work further with their identity as a coastal city, their tendency to build outside the city centre and their high car use. Interviews were done with people with different experiences of Luleå which showed that the there is a disconnection between the university and the city and also that there is a lack of activities for young e.g. To battle these issues the decision was made to focus on the shore line and more specifically on the coastal area between the southern harbour and Svartsjöstaden and the steel industry, which is now mainly used as train parking. The harbour as a metaphor for exchange was developed through placing a science park in the area, with an incubator and labs etc for ex-students to establish a career in cooperation with the university and industry. A new city district was designed around the science park through combining the existing roads and the street grid from the surrounding areas. For the blocks the Kasbah typology was chosen to offer shelter from the southern winds while still allow for sunlight and public space between buildings. The buildings could be designed with irregular facades and cascaded roofs to further protect from wind and snow. The different functions and housing typologies are mixed within the area to create a vivid urban life with a flow of diverse people. To activate the shoreline the proposal is to put different programs along the cost, such as canals and promenades. The ports will be given different identities with emphasis on culture, and leisure e.g


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