Surabaya Tram Corridor Urban Design Workshop

During February 17-26, 2014, the City Form Lab orgainzed the Surabaya Tram Corridor Urban Design Workshop in Surabaya, Indonesia. The design workshop process was co-facilitated by SUTD City Form Lab and Hansen Partnership from Melbourne. The workshop benefited from participation from experts from the Future Cities Lab, Singapore-ETH Centre and the World Bank, and more importantly, over 50 City Government of Surabaya officials across multiple departments.

The workshop invited the participants to envision a transport oriented redevelopment corridor around the proposed north-south tramway in central Surabaya. The workshop started with a three-day hands-on participatory design workshop where participants worked in groups, analysed the existing site conditions and proposed ideas for future improvements and redevelopments. In the following days, the City Form Lab and Hansen Partnership synthesised the ideas and materials that resulted from the workshop into a preliminary report, which we presented to the Mayor of Surabaya Ibu Risma last Wednesday. The final report, which will be published soon, will include a series of urban design, planning, policy and investment proposals for the corridor and five key sub-areas, with an accompanying action plan focused on the short, medium and long-term implementation.

City Form Lab Project Team: Onur Ekmekci, Andres Sevtsuk, Martin Scoppa

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