The Urban Getaway Berlin_ Ein Refugium in der Stadt

The Accord Rooftop Yoga Space

Institution: Beuth Hochschule für Technik, Berlin, Germany. ars07Berlin: DAAD Summer Academy for architecture, urban design

Location:Berlin, Germany

Date: Summer 2007

Project Team/Credits: Onur Ekmekci, Sankalp Sahu, Johanna Schack, Angela Amthor

Citizens leave town to rest in other places; houses, sheds, and also sites more organized like sea resort or mountain resort. Leisure areas have often been both the counterpoint and the mirror of this new urban order. At the XXI century, the space mutation due to human activity entails new meanings. Indeed depletion of fossil energies and pollution consequences lead to reconsider ways of wasting space and raw material for building, organizing urban economy and for inhabiting territories. Nowadays imagining a sustainable minimum house for leisure entails new resolutions in technique, spatial and social fields linked to a new sense of responsibility, in which the technical invention supports a new economy of inhabited space.
The Accord Rooftop Yoga Space, a space exclusively for the residents of Sperlingsgasse 1, Berlin. A space to relax and meditate , a place to meet and greet. In vicinity to Berlin Dome, Foreign Office and TV Tower. Accomodating 7 people to Yoga room. Yoga space spanning a view to the horizon. Surrounded by parks and courtyards, meeting space opening the view to the courtyard, providing a calm and peaceful environment. An effort towards energy conscious design. The structure is intended to have prototype quality(easy to assemble without extensive labor force and being used in some other rooftops around Berlin, creating a network of rooftop structures).


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